Do These 10 Layers Make Me Look Fat?  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Me, looking soooo hot. Well, with 4 scarves and long underwear, I was.

So if you're in the northern hemisphere, you know it's bloody freezing right now. While it is winter and is to be expected, man I've been freezing my arse off.

Denise and I did decide to walk to work earlier this week. We walked to and from. Sunday we walked home, and it was -19 Celsius. That was really cold. But, on the plus side, I felt like a viking warrior chick. Don't mess with me, I'll go berserk. Like a berserker. Grrrr.

For the next two months it will be cold and I might on occasion look like a tool. But that's winter. Embrace the silly hats and the many, many layers and backtracking for your favorite mitts (like the ones Debbie makes us!!!). Winter, learn to love it.


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