Friday, January 21, 2011

Buffy goes stone-aged for beer. Sooooo can relate.'Beer good. Foamy.'

Denise and I tend to work a lot. We work four days a week at our 'real' job, then the three days we have off are spent working on the Etsy store. Making jewellery or sewing, taking photos, sourcing supplies, managing the shop listings, and promotion. On our two short 'real' work days, there is work to be done on the store.

So, in view of this much working, we haven't been going out of the apartment much. Save for groceries, and the odd coffee with Kerry (and her coffee is odd, lol), we never go out.

Beer. Nice.

But a couple of months ago we started going out on occasion. Yes, actually out of the apartment at night to a establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. Ha!

I have to say, I missed going out and drinking and having a good time. Who knew that fun could be so fun? I think we had forgotten, frankly. Being so focused is all well and good, but when you forget how to have a good time and let your hair down, somethings got to give.

Having now remembered to have fun as well as work, we are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable year.

- Melina

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