Gotta Book It  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Prettified Paperbacks Fabric Book Covers-Organic Orange

Prettified Paperbacks Fabric Book Covers- Brown Black Floral

Prettified Paperbacks Fabric Book Covers- Blue Brown Floral

Ok, so you know what it's like, we've all been there. Sitting at the doctor/dentist/optician office, you were smart, you don't need to touch the germ-laden waiting room mags. You've got your book.

You pull it out, and crap, everyone is looking at the tackiest/trashiest/bizarre cover on your book. The book is good, or delightfully trashy, but you don't want the creepy guy sitting across from you to comment. Or, do you want people to just butt out.

What do you do?

Get a cute, handy book cover. I make ones with a built in book marker, so handy.

I just finished a bunch, and I'm way proud of them. Check them out!

- Melina

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