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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Victor Meldrew. Crabby. Grumpy. Awesome.

We love Victor Meldrew. If you've ever seen 'One Foot in the Grave', you know who I'm referring to. He is so very cranky, it is inspiring. It makes you feel better and not like an asshole. Mr. Meldrew is the asshole. Iconic asshole. Very much in the fashion of 'Fawlty Towers'.

Victor and his long suffering wife.

If you've worked with the public in any capacity you know how mind-numbing and disheartening it can be. You may even, on rare occasion, pray for sudden death. If the grim reaper tapped you on the shoulder while dealing with a particularly vivid member of society you just may welcome him/her with open arms.

Then you come home and spend time with Victor. He makes it all ok. He says what you cannot. He is the reflection of your inner asshole hidden from the world. He is one of us, he understands and simply will not take it lying down anymore.

In the privacy of your own home Victor Meldrew and you are one. Assholes. Bask in the knowledge that there are those who understand.

A final word on Victor Meldrew, if you do watch 'Father Ted', there was an episode with him in it. 'Father Ted' is also really funny. See photo.

A scene from the terribly funny 'Father Ted'. Denise will pee her pants when she sees this.

-Melina (an asshole) : D

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