Our Second and Funnest Pow Wow Ever  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So, tonight we went to the big Pow Wow on the Commons in Halifax. It was frigging awesome.

We got to see lots and lots of dancers and even drummers and singers. I was so moved I cried a bit. In the stands. Ok, it was lame of me, but it was sooooo very, very cool.

I've a suspicion that there is some native blood in my veins, as I saw more than one little girl that looked like me as a kid. And as I was so moved. Denise is convinced. I might do that test you can do, as no one in my family wants to talk about it.

So, it was an awesome second Pow Wow. I'm sure you can see that by the photos.

- Melina

- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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