Pumpkin People, an Expose  

Friday, October 2, 2009

So in the last post, I made brief mention of something called the pumpkin people. I realized, this was unfair to those who are not familiar with the wonderful, autumnal event.

I will correct this error today.

The pumpkin people are part (some would say the most important part), of the Kentville Harvest Festival. Denise and I accidentally discovered these 'people' many years ago when on vacation, and had rented a car for the week. We where driving in the valley, from Wolfville down to Kentville, and suddenly these people that were made of pumpkins started to appear.

It was so magical and whimsical, we squealed with delight. Denise completely lost her mind. It is the funniest thing I'd ever seen. When we arrived in the town of Kentville, there where oodles of the pumpkin people. There we learned it was part of the town's Harvest Festival. What a delightful place.

We have wanted to live in the valley area ever since. Who would not be thrilled to live in a community that displays such creativity and joy?

Next weekend we hope to go to the valley with Denise's parents Bob and Lorraine. I don't think they have witnessed the unbridled bliss that is Denise witnessing the pumpkin people. I can't wait. I hope they bring ear plugs.

The valley area has lots of other things in it's favor. The people are really nice. They don't try to run you over at the crosswalk, they smile and make eye contact. The fresh produce is amazing. And the scenery is breath-taking.

If you can, go to the valley this October. You won't regret it. And, you're welcome.

~ Melina.

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