Fun Weekend ~  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We had a really fun weekend, and now we are all funned out. Pooped. Me tie-tie.

Re-cap; on Thursday, we went shopping for clothes. Was fun.

On Friday, we had our friend Kerri from Effiehandmade over for dinner. She's so super awesome and supportive and fun. Our cats had the best time with her, as she tuckered them out by paying with a laser pointer. She played with them for hours. She loves them, and they love her. : )

On Saturday, we went to the valley with Bob, Denise's dad, to see the pumpkin people. It was so much fun. Poor Bob. He was very brave, to go for a long drive and see the most exciting thing ever. Love Bob.
That evening we went to Diane's house for dinner, she is Denise's sister. There was Dave, Diane's husband (and BBQ-er), and Ben, Diane's youngest son ( he's 5, really, 15, but 5 to me) and Lorraine, Diane and Denise's mom. She had a barbecue, and had veggie burgers, and grilled veggies, and roasted sweet potatoes. So good. She even had pumpkin candles on the table. Was soooooo good.

Also, just to let you all know; As a member shop of the EarthPath Artisans' Street Team (EAST), I am participating in a Harvest Treasure Hunt loaded with wonderful prize giveaways. For additional information and to find out how you can win one or more of these great prizes, please visit our team blog

~ Melina

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