Melisa the Rock Star  

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yeah, my sister Melisa is as cool at dirt and she bloody knows it too. She is a social butterfly, uber athletic and has killer wit.

I love her so much. She is the light of my life, and Denise would say the same. When your walking through the mall or down the street, she's like the sparkling fairy of goodwill. The smiles she gives are contagious. I've often seen people walking along, lost in their own thoughts and worries, looking very serious and cranky, and then the spot the smiling happy Melisa, and it's just like the grinch getting a heart, their faces light up and smiles break out. Love it.

She is obsessed with U2, and has been since 1983. I would dearly love to take her to a U2 concert, I've love to see her reaction. When Denise and I took her to see Backstreet Boys in the 90's, she was quite excited to see Nick. I can't imagine her seeing Bono. I need to see this. I'd love to film it. It would be too cute. And too funny.

I didn't get to see Melisa this weekend, due to circumstances beyond either of our control. It sucks so much. I miss her, sooooooooooooo much. That's why this is all about my sis.

These are the photos from this years Halloween dance she went to. Melisa, her roommate Denice and Kim, their other roommate are all pirates. Kim is in a wheelchair, but the fantastic ladies that work at Melisa's house made a pirate ship for her, so she could dress up too. How awesome is that???

Love ya, sissy poo.

~ Melina.

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