Working Vacation  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

 I love vacation, it's better than almost everything. Normally I spend a whole day cleaning the kitchen, moving the appliances and discovering the missing cat toys and scrubbing the inside of said appliances. Also, I would wash the inside of the cupboards. *Sigh*

We would also go to the valley and down to the south shore. Take pictures of the baby lambs and the pretty beaches. Lunch. Is there anything better than lunching? Is it ok to want to be a lady who lunches? I say, yes, it is ok, as I brown bag my lunch every 
effin' day. I feel very strongly about this issue. 

This vacay is different. Denise and I are working our arses off, and loving it! We've been working all day everyday. It's so awesome, and we are getting so much done. Yeah, we'll take breaks for 'Inspector Morse' and naps, er, food. 

In a very short time, the store will be totally re-vamped, and we are too thrilled. Ok, gotta get back to work. EEEeee!!!   

~ Melina

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