Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I like to dream big and I refuse to apologize.  When did it become a virtue to aim low?  Because for some reason people seem to get their backs up over my attitude.  "Be realistic", "Why do you think you should have that" they ask with the tone that tells me what they are really thinking; "Well she sure thinks she's something special!"

Why should I not have BIG success, HUGE achievements in my life?  I got a late start moving forward because of a mid-twenties diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.  Now that I can work consistently and I have control over my life, I want to turn the tables on people.  I want to show them that being mediocre is not a badge of pride.  I can want what I want; it doesn't make me selfish or self-centered.  I also want to help people in a BIG way.  I want to start charities that benefit animals, not just donate to ones that exist.  I want to make a difference.

"Prove to me I DON'T deserve it" is what I'll say in my head next time someone gets an attitude with me.   So there!!

~ Denise

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