Crazy Vacay Part Trois - Travel Log  

Monday, November 12, 2012

We have already established that our vacation helped us to settle on details of the dreams we are working towards, and we have come up with some new shop products. After our visit home to Moncton and our time spent in the Valley, there was one remaining place to go.

There she is in all of her cuteness. She is so amazing. Unfortunately, the weather sucked so we picked her up and took her to Bridgewater Mall and experienced her true awesomeness. She knows everyone in the entire town! She was like the Queen being greeted by her subjects. I swear, it was nuts, but she deserves it. Who wouldn't want to know her?

We drove around and I saw some beautiful parts of the South Shore that I have never seen before. Melina brought me to this fantastic cemetery that I want to return to when it isn't raining. Melisa sang along with Rob Zombie in the back seat and showed off the new words she's learned. She sure can say 'pumpkin'!

Finally we met up with Melina's mom to celebrate her 65th Birthday, because that needs to be celebrated. We had hidden the fact that we rented a car until the day before when Melina called her and said 'Surprise, we're driving down to take you to birthday supper!!'. She was very pleased. And Melisa got to sing 'Happy Birthday', which is one of her favourite things.

It was a great day and when we have a car we will have many more Melisa Days.

~ Denise

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