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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ok, so everyone knows that Denise and I love 'ForksOverKnives', but sometimes you need time to fully get information. Maybe to internalize or process, be in the right place, need to hear the click? I don't know, but we internally processed the click in the right place the other day.

In a summer with jam packed with changes (chemical and professional), we finally connected with another change.

If you haven't seen 'ForksOverKnives', do it. Now.

The photos are of our last big 'shop' at the grocery store. After I took out all the food and placed it on the counter, it struck me that this delicious, beautiful, sexy food is alive. We are what we eat. It's not dead, not beaten, dried out, pulverized, coated in sugar and modified milk ingredients. What is that, anyway?

I'm enjoying eating food that makes me feel good. Not only that, real food tastes better, once you get rid of all that other crap. Strawberries are sooooooooo good. I have my sweets too, see, but they are real. Maple, man, maple anything. Agave is nice too. Fruit, oh, yeah.... Opps, I digress, sorry.

So, enjoy the photos, and do see it, or I'll jump off my soap box.

-Melina : D

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