Back to Basics, Baby!  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It is so easy to get off track, to lose sight of what is really important. Sometimes you can forget the reason why you are working so hard. We both work jobs that are far from our passions and it sometimes feels like the rest of our lives are spread out in front of us with no light ahead.

Why did we start Moody & Sanguine? Simple. We have a dream and we want to use our creative skills to try and make it a reality. What does this dream look like? Two best friends who live in the country and support themselves with sewing and jewelry making, as well as painting (Melina) and writing (me!).

The Annapolis Valley is our idea of Heaven for our odd little family of two besties and a herd of cats. And oh, don't think we won't have a million more animals when we have a house! And Melina wants a big garden so that she get her hands in the dirt. I am not so dirt-driven, but I want long walks without constant concrete and traffic. I want the kind of quiet that never happens in the city. And I want to be able to write and create full-time. Other people do it, why can't I?

The day we drove to the above location, Cape Blomidon, was the day that Moody & Sanguine became inevitable. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what the future would be. That desire has never changed, though the goal has sometimes been blurred and hidden behind day to day drama. We will not lose sight again.

What is Moody & Sanguine? It the dream of two besties made real.

~ Denise

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