Banshee's Story  

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I's Banshees. I bind-hi on my face. I's cute and very, very little.

I want to be Banshees but everyone is all differents. I's cutes and the smallest.

Looks, I has bind-hies. I see with all 3 eyes-ies.

Oh, looks, is my big sis. She's not all littles and young like me, Banshees.

I'm Solstice, and I refuse to have anything to do with this stupid blog post.

I wants some bunz. Look, is sexy bunz, no? Cute an all littles.

Oh, is Vanian's bunz. They the nicest bunz. I is wanting his bunz.

They are sooo nices. I go do squat-ies now. Bunz and bind-hies is me.

I am Sherlock, and I think this blog is very inappropriate. I'm appalled.

What manner of low brow home have I come to?

I do not condone this naughty behaviour.

- Melina

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