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Sunday, August 29, 2010

With all the changes we have been making lately, it was a matter of time before I could incorporate one of my favourite things into the mix - shopping for cosmetics! I worked as a cosmetician for a number of years and developed a love of pretty things.
Food falling in line? Check. Store becoming more eco-friendly by the day? Check. TIME TO SHOP!

As luck would have it, we happened to find the most amazing store really close to where we work. It's called PurAlternatives and they have the most incredible selection of environmentally friendly skin care. Not all vegan, but it was easy to find this great oil there.
It may seem weird to put oil on your face, but your skin just drinks this in overnight and it does an amazing job of softening all those nasty lines. Trust me, I'm picky! If it did nothing I wouldn't bother. Waste o' cash money, and if you know my cat you know that's not gonna happen!

I also found this great skin cream by Derma E. They do not use animal by -products, animal testing or ingredients that are not cruelty-free. YAY!! Makes my skin sing! Woo hoo!

More fun products to shop. This is an awesome start! Vegan and prettifying and junk. WOW!

~ Denise

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