Ohh, Mr. Mailman  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today, when I want out to check the mail, it was the best day ever!!! Two packages sitting there, one for me and one for Denise. Yay.

Denise had ordered friggin' gorgeous recycled glass beads, and I ordered organic fabric, both from wonderful Esty sellers.

I love love love my fabric. OMG. What am I gonna make? I don't know, but Vanian is excited to get fluffing. It is hard to buy fabric on-line, but I was soooooo pleased with my first purchase, totally gonna do it again. Especially as I can't find ANYTHING similar locally. : (

Denise's beads totally kick ass. You should see what she is making. Better be a 'house' copy Denise! she is so talented, and the beads are so beautiful, I kinda want to eat them. But I won't.

She'll be getting more of those beads in future, I dare say.

Check back, and we'll let you in on what we are doing!

- Melina.

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