Tetris Thumb  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So, I had the dreaded Car-Pool-Tunnel, and have since made a full recovery. Now, I suffer from Tetris-Thumb. Shock horror!

Two days ago, when our 'stoopid puters' went bust, I was all like, "oh, man, I'm gonna be so bored without it". Nevermind I'm only on the computer when blogging. Usually I'm either in my kitchen (being master of my universe), or sewing at what used to be our dining table.

I totally downloaded Tetris to my phone, 'just in case'. Now I have a sore thumb. : (

But, apparently, Tetris increases brain efficiency. So, a sound investment in my brain health, I say.

And I feel like a bit of a boob. Totally my fault. Nuts.

- Melina.

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