Can't Wait for Yule - Tofurky Dinner!!!  

Monday, November 16, 2009

As you folks may know, I love food and I love the holidays. What is more exciting than the big meal at Yule?

Instead of the usual turkey (we don't eat animals, we cuddle them) we eat the super yummy tofurky loaf. I love it, it dosen't take as long, so you can sleep in, and it is so tasty. I just wish you could get different sizes. Like 20 lbs of the stuff would be more fitting to a holiday meal.

We still have my grandmothers stuffing, just modified. It's got potato and veggie bacon and bread. Soooo good, even though I'm off ill today and my tummy is grumbly, my mouth is still watering. Wow.

Denise makes the BEST miso gravy. It's one of the only times I allow her in my kitchen, but it's so good that I do let her. It looks like a bomb when off, and I swear she gets soy sauce on the ceiling, but it is actually worth it.

We also have potatos, and if you put them through the potato ricer, they are super fluffy. You have to boil them first though. So good...... mmmmmmm

And dessert, you may be thinking. Well, pumpkin pie of couse. I make the crust from scratch, but I do buy the canned pumpkin. And, I'm so queasy, yet so hungry. Geez. I so can't wait. It's so good. Fall-la-la-la!!!

~ Melina

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