Blast From the Past  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah, we all know I'm a nerd, as is Denise, that's why we are best friends. So, you know how you see or hear something, and you sooooooooo know it and yet you can't put your finger on it. It kinda drives you nuts after awhile, and you NEED to know where you know that face or that voice.

So Denise and I had that happen to us recently. For her, she saw a face on one of those horrid soap mags that are really tiny, I guess soap fans have abnormally small hands. She saw someone she knew she knew from somewhere, but where??? Enter google, and in a few minutes, she found the answer. It was sheriff Lamb, from Veronica Mars! We love that show and have seasons 1 and 2 of DVD. Funny.

As for my, what, irritant - mindloop - deja vu - what the f*** IS it!!! It was the song from the Telus commercial with the spaceship. I knew I knew the voice, it was from the early 90's, was British, and I so knew I knew that voice. Not the Happy Mondays, no, I know it wasn't the Stone Roses either. Hmmmm, who the bloody hell was it. Grrrrrr....

I annoyed Denise enough for her to google it so I could stop driving myself crazy. It was the Stereo MC's. Of course. Duh. Where are my brains??? In my arse, apparently. Geezzz.

~ Melina.

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