Vegan is as Vegan Does, Eh?  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As some of you will know, Denise and I are vegan. Have been since roughly 2002-ish. There are times when vegan folks like to play 'I'm more vegan than thou' games, but this is really unproductive.

Recently, we have been re-vamping and re-assising and re-thinking our eating, our role in the world and how we do what we do. So, not just fanny-ing about because it's summer.

We have been eating tons of things from the Alicia Silverstone book, 'The Kind Diet', which is no diet at all (and why I like it). We've been using more and more organic, less and less processed and feeling freakin' AWESOME!!!

The umeboshi plums, while not my favorite tasty treat, really make you feel good, I don't quite know why, but, man, I love the yucky goodness. Oddly powerful.

Cut way back on coffee, and cut out pop, and switched from tonic water to soda water.

I did make my regular chocolate chip cookies today for a pot luck at work. I had to buy sugar to make them, and I threw out the left over sugar out, as it is too much temptation for me.

Oh, and how much do I love Daikon. Love it.

- Melina

*** I was writing this as a response to a comment but I'm going to add it to the blog to have my point of view as well.

Biggest change is that it totally changed the way I think about food. I've always had a pretty disordered way of viewing food from my days as a dancer, something which has definitely kept me overweight. Food = evil = punishment. Bad self-esteem meant a lot of punishment! Now I eat all the time but it's good, yummy food that makes me feel good! Who knew?

~ Denise

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