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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Father's Day surprise for Bob.

Cats are silly. They don't like to think they are, but we all know it's a fact. They are the biggest silly willys ever.

Our cats are particularly silly. Vanian is my cat, and the man of the house. He's also white and has actual bun shaped buns. That is very silly. Along with the usual cat-like zanyness of tail chasing and sister stalking, he's terrified of socks and shoes. Yeah, only when there are no feet in them. He once jumped three feet sideways because there where socks on the floor... and had been there all morning... and hadn't moved. Weirdo. He'll walk by either socks or shoes and will just reach out and hit them to ensure they know their place and do not attack. I guess.

Solstice is Denise's cat, and is the black girl. She is the silly, bossy girl. She tells Denise what to do. She meows very loudly when she wants Denise to get up and come upstairs and get her for bed. When she feels Denise should wake up, she'll meow at her. That's typical cat behaviour. But she also brings Denise cat toys when she's sleeping, in case she gets bored.

Well, now Vanian is wanting to be fed, and if he doesn't get fed right away, he pretends to pass out. He'll meow a long, whiny meow, and then flop (loudly) onto his side and look sad.

Silly cats indeed.

~ Melina

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