Circus of the Sun  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow. That really could be my blog in it's entirety. Wow.
FYI, you can't take photos during a show, as it could distract the performers.

So, I knew I'd like it, I don't know anyone who didn't. It wasn't a shock. But what surprised me was the breath-taking beauty and artistic vision. It was amazing.

Our Debb-ster, Denise's sister Debbie, is well loved in this house. Not only is she really nice and supportive, she understands the soul of an artist. Gee, that so sounds like a pile of crap, but it is true. You see, she sent the tickets down for our birthday. It was our gift. What a wonderful gift.

Denise left wanting to write, even more than she does now, and I left yearning to paint. I love to sew, and it keeps me sane, but painting is my first love. A passionate, soul ripping, life giving, love.

Thank you Debbie, you are the best! Denise is lucky to have you for a sister, and I am beyond lucky to have her as an honorary sister.

- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love food. Denise loves food. I love to cook, Denise, not so much.

Last night I was craving something sweet like strawberry tart or pie. I had some left over phyllo pastry.... And I kept thinking, strawberry galet.

That is sort of what I made last night. I cut a cup and a half strawberries into a pot, threw in some sugar, heated to a boil, then tossed in some cornstarch n' water and stirred till thickened.

I had already had the other two cups berries cut and in the pastry, and threw a few slivered almonds and a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Then added the hot mixture.

Popped that into a over heated to 350* for 30 minutes. It was really good. Especially as I didn't measure anything. Yay me!

- Melina

- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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Metallica in the Rain  

Friday, July 15, 2011

So last night Denise and I went to see Metallica live on Citadel Hill. It was so frigging awesome. Ok, it was raining (those plastic ponchos are awesome, btw), but it was so good.

Not that I expected it to be a bad show, but I was rather surprised how good a show Metallica put on. Excellent performers. James was all zen and warm and fuzzy. Kirk was all stoic and into his own thing. Lars stuck out his tongue a lot. And the new guy (sorry, I miss Jason still), was really good. Even though he isn't Jason.

On the way in some stoned guy was asking if Denise and I were sweaty under the ponchos?!? We weren't. It was way too cold. My sneakers got muddy, my new umbrella got taken ( just bought it 20 minutes before ), pushed through the huge crowd of people to about halfway up the hill.

We saw the last few minutes of Coheed and Cambria, who were good. Dude had some hair.

Then the sun came out (and down) and the rain stopped and Metallica took the stage. It was an awesome set. Lots and lots of early stuff. When I first saw James, I kept poking Denise, saying ' look, look it's James, it's James'. I did the same for Lars and Kirk too. And there was fire too. For 'One', there was amazing lights and guns shots and then fireworks, and just awesomeness as 'One' started.

They came back for an encore, and launched I into Misfits cover of 'Last Caress'. OMG. So good. So good.

When they tried to leave, James even played a little game with us, when he took the guitar off, we booed, when he put it back on, we cheered, and then he'd take it off again.... Playful James.

We finally left, I did have to help Denise up the rain slick hill. It was a really great night. It was worth the money. I'm planning to see them next time they come back. And they said they would!

- Melina

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The Big Surprise  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yesterday, Denise and I rented a car, a lovely Ford Fusion, and drove down to the South Shore, and surprised the crap out of my sister, Melisa. She lives in a group home for the mentally handicapped or challenged. She might be challenged, but she is quick as a whip and has more mental facilities than a lot of 'normal' people I talk to everyday.

That, and she is just a complete rock star. Her life is pretty great. She competes in the Special Olympics, and goes to many a banquet and dance. She works, which I would pay money to see. There are several boyfriends. She has a roommate/bestie called Denice too. My sister kicks your sister's ass, sorry.

We took her out yesterday, bought her lunch in Lunenburg, visited our grandmother and walked her around the mall. Going to Hurtles beach was on our list, but it clouded over during lunch, and I did't want us to get rained on.

It was a really wonderful day. But for the first time, I wasn't yearning to move back. It is not my home anymore. The valley is my home in my mind. And where I want to go, ASAP. Don't get me wrong, I'd certainly have a summer home near a beach, but I wouldn't want to live there anymore. Weird.


- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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Our Second and Funnest Pow Wow Ever  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So, tonight we went to the big Pow Wow on the Commons in Halifax. It was frigging awesome.

We got to see lots and lots of dancers and even drummers and singers. I was so moved I cried a bit. In the stands. Ok, it was lame of me, but it was sooooo very, very cool.

I've a suspicion that there is some native blood in my veins, as I saw more than one little girl that looked like me as a kid. And as I was so moved. Denise is convinced. I might do that test you can do, as no one in my family wants to talk about it.

So, it was an awesome second Pow Wow. I'm sure you can see that by the photos.

- Melina

- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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