Vanian, not Damien  

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My cat Vanian, is such a character. He is almost 4 years old.

He has an unusual name, and most times when I'm telling someone about my cat, they will think I said his name is Damien. Then you get into the, 'No, VANIAN. Like Dave Vanian, of the Damned, like Transyl-vanian.'

Ok, most youngsters would not be familiar with the Damned, I guess. It's stupid, and they should , but I suppose I must concede that they may not. Again, so dumb. What do kids learn in school anyway?

I love the Damned, and if you've seen Tim Burton's 'Sweeny Todd', then you already know what Dave Vanian looks like. Johnny Depp looks exactly like Dave Vanian. It was so odd. I hope that Dave got a ton of money from Tim Burton for totally stealing his look.

Anyway, the Damned are awesome, check 'em out. And my cat is awesome as well, but he's mine, go get your own. : D


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Clutchin' my Heart  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love the clutch. I love how chic people look with a clutch. I love how you just tuck it under the arm. Fab.

In my real life, I never have a reason to carry a clutch. Schlepping to the grocery store, dragging the cat food home, and going to work with all my snacks and vitamins.

But in my head, I'm going to art openings, nice restaurants and the theater.

I get to make them, and maybe one day, I'll get to strut around with one of my own clutches. I think I'll take photos. : D

- Melina.

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Cranky Pants  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cranky librarian asleep on the job???

"Waaaaaah! No, I wasn't sleeping! Who's there?"

"Look at how awake I am, my eyes, they are so big ( *yawn*)."

Later in the day, during recycling duty...

"I'm just so tired, but can't get caught sleeping again..."

"Oh, crap, here comes quality control, better look busy."

"I need to find better nap spots, these are too visible."

-Melina (quality control)

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Painting Again, Bliss  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I love Whistler.

So, my fab friend Leesa is opening a store in Windsor (more on that to follow) and she will not only be carrying Moody & Sanguine items, but my paintings as well. Love her. It's gonna be really cool, and will blog much about said store in future.

Leesa was my boss when we both worked retail back in the early 2000's. I'm pleased to say she is my friend. She has one of the kindest hearts ever, and has now fivecats. Bless her heart.

I also love John Singer Sargent.

I'm can't wait to get painting this weekend. And sewing too. Almost finished another clutch. So much to do! So hyper. Yay!

- Melina.

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A Cat and Her Monies, a Love Story in Photos  

Friday, March 5, 2010

'Hello, I am Solstice. Please don't look at my monies.'
'What she got? Where is mine?'
'Ummmm, ok, please go away now. I need to go hide my monies.'
'I was gonna hide my monies in my overnight bag. I wanna go to Kerry's and I packed, just waiting for her to pick me up!'
'But then my stoopid brother saw my monies.'
'No, go away, I need to hide it.'
'No, no looking!'
'it IS a pretty Dior bag, is it not? Still waiting for Kerry...'
'Ummm, excuse me, no more photos please. Blishie is all shy.'
'Ok, you need to go now. No more stoopid camries flashings. Byes!'

- Melina (and her very rude, money hungry cat.)

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